What is mobile learning or m-learning ?


Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning (m-learning) can be understood to be a subset of e-learning wherein the capability of mobile devices is leveraged to access learning content.

In a mobile learning scenario, there could be a possibility that traditional e-learning or regular online content is accessed from a mobile device, or there could be a scenario where in the content is suitably modified or adapted to suit a mobile devices.

With the advent of new mobile devices, tablets, large screen smart phones etc. – most mobile devices are capable of accessing any e-learning content as well. Still there could be certain scenarios where in content needs to be developed and their dissemination planned keeping in view the learning needs of an organisations work force as well as the technological limitations of the available mobile devices. For example – If you need to keep a workforce updated on some new work practices and the workforce is widely distributed in an area with limited internet connectivity or if they don’t have access to smart phones – you would need to leverage the SMS based content distribution.

The benefit of mobile learning is in form of ease of reaching out to wider audience through mobile devices, accessibility, reach and convenience for the end user. Convenience as in the mobile learning content can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.


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