Dilemma of an HR Leader: We are not acting as a strategic partner for our business!

We have been seeing various HR conferences and seminars around the concept of – HR as a Strategic Partner for a business, and the need for HR to evolve as a strategic contributor etc. These conferences, seminars etc. see lots of participation, discussions; round tables where in leaders speak and share their perspectives related to “how” and “what” is essential for HR leaders to be strategic partners for their business.

With all the learning’s, when most of the participants, especially those in the HR Heads role for their business, get back to their offices, they realize that their hands are tied and their option of being a strategic partner to their business as HR professionals is extremely limited.

Is HR an essential component of the business strategy?

The HR aspect or the people & talent aspect is of course a strategic business consideration for all businesses big or small. HR aspect, here implies – the relevance of people and the value that the people can bring to a business in form of performance, productivity & growth.

If, that’s true, why don’t businesses allow the HR function to act as strategic business partners?

Why have, I as an HR professional not been able to support my business as a strategic partner?

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