What is Corporate Grooming ?


Corporate grooming is about ensuring that an employees grooming, including dressing, personal hygiene  and personality reflect a positive and professional image about himself, and thereby ensures that he is able to represent his business in a professional manner. 

Looking at your personal self, it is about presenting a professional image of your self which helps showcase a positive impression with your clients and prospects, peers and superiors. It is about knowing how to manage your own self so as to project a better image of yourself as well as your business.

These days, apart from your business proposition and the value of your product, it also helps if you project a confident and an extremely successful image. People are not only convinced in what goes on in the transaction. Those with whom you are interacting for a business deal would also be assessing you on your appearance and social etiquette.

Since most of the businesses today about people, and interaction with others for business – it is important that your employees convey the right professional image to the outside world. This is where, relevant inputs on personal grooming becomes important. And personal grooming clearly extends beyond following an organisations dress code policy. Corporate grooming should not just be about dressing and personal hygiene, it also has to include elements of personality development. 

While it helps to develop relevant understanding of professional grooming, it is also important to develop on relevant skills for professional networking and socializing.