How to plan your Campus to Corporate Training Program ?


Campus to Corporate training programs is relevant for businesses that hire from campuses. When you hire fresh graduates it is important that they are taken through a customized orientation program that helps them build awareness about your business and corporate culture. 

Campus to Corporate programs are supposed to enable fresh graduates gear up to the challenges of the workplace. The focus of training needs to be on certain basic technical abilities, however a good deal of focus should be on soft skills, which are very essential in the corporate world. The workshops under this program should also be designed keeping in view the need to expose them to way of life in corporate world, including business etiquette, communication skills, working in teams.

You may want to look at the following themes, if you are planning to develop a campus to corporate program for your business.

  • Transition from Campus to Corporate. 
  • Business Communication, email and telephone etiquette, listening. 
  • Personal grooming, business etiquette. 
  • Team Working, interpersonal skills

Remember, Campus to Corporate programs serve multiple purposes:

  • On one hand they help you get the fresh graduates to job early and in a structured manner.
  • On the other hand they are a great engagement tool for your new joiners.

If you are able to carry on the Campus to Corporate program, along with a well planned employee orientation – it can leave a positive impression on the minds of the new hires. Overall, impacting their motivation level, employer branding for your business etc.