What are Team Building Training Programs ?


Team building training programs are directed at helping a business achieve alignment and integration among its team members or employees.

These programs are generally focused on allowing a team interact in an outside the office location – also referred to as an offsite location. A number of times out bound training or off site training and team building training are used synonymous to each other. However, out bound training or off site training is just a delivery platform and logistical arrangement to deliver the training, so as to facilitate better impact vis-à-vis training programs delivered in a class room or conference room set up.

Essentials of a Team Building Training Program:

A team building training program needs to focus on the concept of promoting learning through experience sharing, relating to workplace scenarios, bringing down barriers to effective team work, and enabling the participants to understand work place conflicts and thereby equip them with relevant insights to work around work place conflicts.

Use of theoretical constructs:

The workshop or training program may leverage theoretical and psychological constructs to organize and categorize the thoughts generated during the workshop and the original understanding of participants so as they are able to see its linkage not just to their own work life but also to the work of researchers, academicians and behavioral theorists.

The theoretical constructs, may also include a reference to personality inventories and team style inventories or conflict style inventories that enable a participant to uncover their side of personality that was not clearly visible to them earlier. However, the build of the program entirely depends on the profile of participants and the mandated nature of workshop.

Opportunity for fun and engagement as well:

The learning’s may be transferred through team activities, role plays and team games. These allow for understanding of team styles, team bonding as well as allow an opportunity for fun and engagement.

Other themes can also be subtly addressed:

Apart from focusing on Team Building agenda – these workshops can easily also touch – Leadership Skills, Change Management, Managerial Effectiveness, and Creativity and Innovation.