Organisation Design

Organisation Design is the blue print that allows you to create an optimal organisation with the appropriate structure, well defined roles with a focus on responsibility & accountability, and clearly established interrelationships between roles towards supporting your organisational vision & strategy.

One of the key reasons for business failures or restricted growth is inefficient execution of an organisations business strategy, and complex or irrelevant organisation structure or poorly defined organisation structure gets identified as a major issue in most such cases. 

We support Organisation Design and related initiatives based on an in-depth study of the present business, issues at hand, potential for improvement, financial value addition, and the future plans & vision of the organisation.

Our recommendations are supposed to help your organisation be efficient & productive. While recommending an appropriate design, we keep in consideration some of the following:

  • Industry Benchmarks.
  • Relevant customisation aligned with strategy.
  • Clearly defined roles & interrelationship of roles
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Cost efficiencies on Manpower spend.
  • Adherence to Productivity Matrices
  • Relevant advise on Talent Strategy , Performance Improvement

A well planned review of your organisation design is due every time there is change in business strategy or there are issues related to productivity, efficiency, culture etc.