Organisation Alignment

A very critical aspect of an organisations success and performance is the effective execution of its strategy. Considering the reality that success and execution gets driven by people, it is important that the employees are well aligned to organisational goals. They need to have a clear understanding of the organisations goals and how they are expected to contribute to the attainment of the same.

Organisation Alignment may be achieved through goal alignment as well as alignment on values and cultures depending on the organisation and performance challenges & opportunities.

Alignment is about disseminating a clear understanding of organisations purpose, vision, and strategy across the organisation. This helps ensure that the teams & individuals comprising the organisation are clear on expectations from their role and the value that their contribution will be making for the overall organisational growth.

We support Goal Alignment through a simple approach that leverages the Balanced Scorecard Framework, for strategy deployment. Through a series of strategy sessions, we attempt to link performance and delivery expectations for all identified roles across the organisation. This helps bring alignment as well performance improvement perspective.