Learning Events

KnowHowEdge (previously TalentNxt) learning events & certification programs have been offered to corporate participants since 2010.


Our learning events have been offered in form of open workshops, seminars and certification programs on functional as well as behavioural themes, and derive strongly from our own consulting and research work as well as from the experience and expertise of our renowned facilitators.

Participants from over 300 leading brands have participated in TalentNxt learning events. We also create customised learning intervention for businesses for in-company implementations.

Advantages of KnowHowEdge Learning Events for Organizations:

  • Your Employees participate along with a diverse group of professionals from various companies.
  • Better Learning through experience sharing amongst the participants.
  • Cross pollination of ideas and best practices through discussion amongst various participants.
  • Cost effective, if an organization does not have any sufficient nominations to plan for an in company program.
  • Facilitation from Expert Faculty, who are passionate about business, their subjects, and have been involved with the corporate world as functional leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants etc.

Some brands that have participated in KnowHowEdge Learning Events
(Indicative from over 300 Brands):


Please write to talentnxt@knowhowedge.com, for events calendar & up-coming learning events.