How we support CEO, MD’s, Founders, Promoters & HR Departments of growth focused business ?


Is any one of the following or any related aspect true for your business ?

  • Employees are not able to grasp your vision for future.
  • Employees are not fully aligned to your business growth plans.
  • Employees are unable to appreciate the need to change with times.
  • Employees don’t see the need to develop / upgrade their skills etc.
  • Employees seem loyal, have been with the business for long, but performance is always an issue.
  • It’s always difficult to get quality talent from market.
  • Employees are not motivated.
  • There is no ownership, and collaboration.
  • Teams & departments, are perpetually on conflict mode.
  • Employee capability has lead to poor delivery, stagnation and diminishing business performance.
  • Capable employees always leave. Retention is an issue.

There could be many more addition to the list above. If any of the above thoughts rings a bell, you may want to connect with us.

How we help you ?


We can handhold you / your business towards change, and we can help you address your people related challenges for better growth & future.

We provide advisory & facilitation for:

  • Vision, Mission, Growth Strategy for your business.
  • Organization Design & Structure that helps you grow.
  • Talent Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Process & Policies
  • Rewards / Compensation
  • Employee Retention Plans

We work on a project model, or on an ongoing basis with CEO, MD, Promoters, or the HR Department to facilitate change & support organization building for a better future & growth.


Write to us with a brief of your business challenges for a complimentary consultation on phone/ Skype / Meeting.

Praveen Mishra,
Founder & Principal Consultant
+ 91 98181 99487