What is “Mentoring” at work place?

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“Mentoring” in context of a work place is an on-going employee development oriented engagement between two employees, one of whom is a senior with adequate experience and knowledge related to a certain area of work or the work place.

The relationship between a mentor and a mentee seeks to support the development of the mentee through on going guidance, dialogue, and interaction. The mentee is expected to gain from the knowledge and experience of the mentor.

The agenda for related formal or informal interaction between the mentor and mentee could span the work place, work culture, work area, functional know how, social behaviour, general knowledge etc.

So if you are a mentor to someone, you may need to periodically interact with your mentee to ensure that the concerned person benefits from your interaction and is able to come up on the knowledge, skills, or social behaviour aspects. Mentoring, may be relevant at work place in a new employee, fresh campus hire scenario, or role transition scenario.

Ideally, whenever an organisation develops a mentoring program, they have a set agenda with specific briefs on the role of a mentor or a mentee. It is always helpful if you review the expectations from your businesses mentoring program.