How to create an effective employer brand ?


An employer brand expresses an organization’s “value proposition” to its employees and potential job seekers. A good employer brand is about an organisations culture, process, systems, and people focus. People focus is crucial and all people related a process also becomes critical to employer branding. On people front some key focus areas being – workplace relationships, people process, pay & benefits, employee development, learning, growth and career opportunities.

Why is employer branding relevant?

Have you ever wondered – Why it has been so difficult to fill that key vacancy in your office? Why have last three candidates not confirmed on their job offer? or Why you could not convince a certain high potential candidate to join your organisation?

Your organisations employer brand, directly impacts how the external talent pool perceives your organisation. Being a better employer brand enhances your organisations ability to attract top talent.

What you need to know for developing your organisations employer brand?

Being a preferred employer brand is not just about cool culture and a people focussed organisation. It’s also a lot about communication. Active communication and deep level engagement with your employees as well as the potential talent pool. Therefore even if you are doing the best for your employees, it is important that you tell the outside world about all the good stuff that happens in your organisation.

Is employer brand relevant only for external world?

Being a good employer brand is relevant for every one – from your existing employees, to your investors, to potential talent pool, and campuses. It helps you keep your existing employees engaged and motivated. It helps attract quality talent, and it helps enhance your organisations stakeholders and investors trust in your organisation.

Creating an effective employer brand ?

By “effective” we mean – being able to project an appropriate picture that is relevant to your organisations talent strategy and over all business strategy.   To start with you need to identify, how your organisation is perceived as of now. Subsequently you identify the strength areas and the areas that deserve attention or improvement. Once you are clear on the areas that need to be worked on – bring about the relevant changes and improvement. A well planned and well laid out communication strategy is also a must – the same should target internal as well as external audience.  The communication strategy could leverage social media, traditional media, participation in networking events related to HR best practices.  Go for campuses – b school or engineering campuses – if developing talent for entry level jobs is a part of your organisations talent strategy. B Schools and Campuses can be a good starting ground for employer branding.