Managing People

Objective of the Program

Managing people is all about lead and exert authority, set high high standards that embody their vision, secure and sustain commitment to their idea, establish new working relationship, weld the team together, ear to information without losing control, address conflict head on, cut loses early, be prepared to spend time on people issues and make people decision.

This workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills they need in a fun filled, interactive training environment to help make that vision come alive


Develop a practical framework for understanding management and human resource issues, including best practices

Apply motivational models to problems of employee motivation and job design

Improve communication by identifying others’ assumptions and behaviors

Learn to choose the most effective behavior for both short- and long-term results

Consider the effects of management decisions on the organization, employees, friends, peers, and family

Increase the quantity and quality of work output

Assess and use others’ needs in designing jobs and creating a more motivating work environment

Solve problems and make decisions more effectively by creating an effective work team


Indicative Program Outline – Workshop for Business Managers and Professionals.  All TalentNxt Training Programs, are customized keeping in view the requirements of client organization.  Please send us your specific training requirement to enable us customize the training program for your employees.

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