Transformational Leadership

Objective of the Program

Change is a constant process and progress requires strong leadership within an organization. Leaders will affect subordinates to create chain reaction transformation amongst themselves and influence a more enriching work environment for peers and subordinates alike. Cultivating cohesive colored brain teams will allow leaders to transform attitudes and team cohesiveness across departments with a higher sense of purpose, in turn leading others to become problem solvers and manage their time better.

The workshop seeks to inculcate the idea of leadership that defines a successful leader as a person who has a vision, the drive and commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen. Participants in this program will become skilled at developing a rapport across emotional and mental diversity of the people who can transform your organization.


· Create a team of fully self-motivated performers who have surpassed mental blocks/fears to unleash their full potential

· Install a step-by step transformational process to shift entrenched behaviours

· De-politicise the organization and work in an open, transparent environment

· Smoothly work with top management in achieving decisions fast and staying at the cutting edge of relevance in the market

· Understand the psychological framework of effective transformation

· Effectively deal with team members who resist change and try to derail the transformation process

· Align existing teams with the company’s vision to achieve new goal


Indicative Program Outline – Workshop for Business Managers and Professionals.  All TalentNxt Training Programs, are customized keeping in view the requirements of client organization.  Please send us your specific training requirement to enable us customize the training program for your employees.

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