Job Analysis for a Telecom Conglomerate

Client         : A Leading Telecom Service Provider
Assignment     : Job Analysis

Our client which is one of the leading telecom service providers in India has a well institutionalized process of building their Organization Design and Structure based on Job Evaluation. This also forms the basis for hiring, promotions, position banding / designation and compensation. Our client has numerous unique jobs which needed to be evaluated on a continuous basis based on Job Descriptions for each of the positions. As Job Descriptions, forms the basis for evaluating jobs, it is critical that one has to have a good understanding of the job, its structure, scope, accountability etc. in-order to capture the essence of the job in total and document the same in a structured way which is best suited to the evaluation methodology adopted.
Seeing our capability in the area of Organization Analysis & Design, our client has outsourced the entire activity of documenting Job Descriptions for all existing / new jobs, where jobs have changed and for modification / creation of business verticals. Our consultants after detailed discussions with the job holder / supervisor / functional head documents the Job Description, this is then compared with other relevant jobs in the organization for overlaps and quality, before finalization. This is them delivered to the HR SPOC as per agreed SLA.