Understanding Development Centers

Development Center consists of a series of different exercises aimed towards enabling a standardized evaluation of participants.The exercises lead to an evaluation which is mapped to organizational requirements and organizational expectations. These expectations are generally documented and developed as the leadership framework of the organization. The aim is to focus on identifying unique leverage able strengths and development needs of the participants.

The assessment and evaluation is done using multiple exercises and multiple assessors so as to reflect upon a participant’s competence through different sources of input and evaluation. All these evaluations are carried out in a systematic manner and using a process that reduces subjectivity to a minimum.

Some salient features:

Multiple Exercises:

The assessment for each participant is done on several identified dimensions, capabilities or behavioral elements.

These behavioral dimensions or capabilities have to be very robust and reflecting upon the organizations expectations from its people towards supporting organizational priorities and growth targets.

The exercises used for the evaluation and assessment ensure comprehensive coverage of framework attributes, skills so as to enhance the reliability of assessments.

Multiple Assessors:

The use of multiple assessors reduces the elements of subjectivity during the evaluation.

The assessors are well trained to understand and administer the exercises, as well as to understand and evaluate the candidates objectively.

Multiple Candidates:

Multiple participants are observed together. This brings in a better execution of the exercise, as well as bringing in elements of interactivity and objectiveness.

The inputs captured by the assessors through the battery of exercises are further refined during the integration session. The Development Center also provides for a feedback session wherein participants are provided inputs on their participation in the center.

For an Organization, the development center helps identify the development needs of its executives and evolve a plan for their development and career planning. It also helps in working out their appropriate positioning in the organizational system that helps them draw upon their strengths and build upon it.

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